Who We Are

New Vision is a not-for-proft organization, incorporated in 1980 as Voice of the Blue Ridge, to provide audio access to printed materials such as newspapers and magazines for people who are unable to read, due to vision loss or other physical impairment. Our services are designed to enrich the lives of the visually impaired in Southwest Virginia, and to enable greater independence.

Through our board of directors, loyal volunteers and a small staff, New Vision has served thousands of people over the years.

We continue to provide large print calendars and our original radio reading service in partnership with WVTF Public Radio, but have embraced technology to upgrade our dial-in news service, and to offer new services and training in our Assistive Technology Center.

Everything we do is provided at no charge to our clients, and many people receive services they might not have access to otherwise. New Vision receives little government funding, so is dependent upon support from the community to continue our mission of helping the visually impaired connect to the world.


Save the Date! Our next big event will be Dinner in the Dark, on August 17th, at Hotel Roanoke. Stay tuned in for more!
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Featured Services

Adaptive Technology Center

Our Adaptive Technology Center provides individualized instruction in various software programs that make computers accessible to people with vision impairments.

Dial In News Service

The Dial-In News Services uses a unique blend of technology, telephones and volunteerism to bring local news to those unable to read the newspaper in print.

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