About Us

After 30 years, Voice of the Blue Ridge has become New Vision. This change was needed to help mirror the many ways our organization has evolved from our humble roots supporting a radio reading service to embrace new technologies, new opportunities and new challenges. While VOBR will always be part of our legacy, New Vision is our future.

Assistive Technology Instructor, David Ward, demonstrates iOS Gestures on an iPad to two students.

New Vision (formerly Voice of the Blue Ridge) was founded in 1980 to provide audio access to printed materials such as newspapers and magazines for people who are unable to read them due to vision loss or other physical impairment. Over the years, the organization has increased and expanded its services and now also provides individualized instruction in various adaptive technologies as well as other services and activities designed to enrich the lives of those with vision impairments. In keeping with its mission of promoting independence and equality for people with visual impairments, New Vision continues to explore new and innovative ways of providing relevant and needed services to its target population.


Picture of Courtney Bass
Courtney Bass
Operations Manager
Picture of David Ward
David Ward
Assistive Technology Instructor
Picture of Guy Bryd
Guy Byrd
Executive Director

Board of Directors

Mr. Anthony Russell , President
Dr. John Wood, Vice-President
Mr. Bob Stevenson, Treasurer
Mr. Shannon Miller, Secretary

Mr. John Aldridge
Dr. Suzanne Ament
Mr. Paul Colley
Ms. Lila Dickerson
Mr. Harry Hatter
Ms. Debra Helms
Ms. Wendy Munderville
Dr. David Trinkle
Ms. Denise White