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Tickets for Dinner in the Dark on August 17th can now be purchased. This event will be held at Hotel Roanoke. See the link below to buy tickets.

Eventbrite - Vistar Eye Center presents Dinner in the Dark to benefit New Vision
Logo of Dinner in the Dark

We’ll be having a silent auction at the event. If you’ve got a quality item and you’d like to donate it to the cause give us a buzz and let us know. Or email Courtney at the link below.

Another way you can show your support is simply by sharing about our Dinner in the Dark Event on Facebook. See the share link below.

If you know of someone that could benefit from New Vision services feel free to send them our way. Our new Assistive Technology for the Elderly Program is very popular. To learn more see one of the links below.
Program Brochure

General Description of the Program and other New Vision Services

Assistive Technology News

The American Council of the Blind (abbreviated ACB) and National Federation of the Blind (abbreviated NFB) Conventions are both taking place around now. So there’s lots of info coming out about products, services, and all sorts of A.T. related goodness. For more about the conventions see the links below.

NFB Convention
NFB Twitter Coverage by Hashtag
ACB Convention
ACB Twitter Coverage by Hashtag

Echo News

The orginal Amazon Echo, that’s right, the Pringle’s can shaped one, can now support Bluetooth external speakers and headphones. That means you can get a Bluetooth headphones and wonder outside or a set of Bluetooth speakers you can take outside on the porch and still enjoy all your music or podcasts without moving your Echo!


In this episode of Main Menu the team talks to folks from Amazon about the Fire TV and Fire Tablet. Additionally, there’s a demo of them using the Amazon Echo to control your DISH satellite box. See the link below.

Check out episode 135 of the Mac Accessibility Round Table, entitled “Most of Us Are Chickens”. Where your’s truly chips in a few thoughts on Twitter that the team discusses. AirPods, new Macs, and what’s coming in the new iPhone are all discussed. See the link below.

On this episode of A.T. Frequently Asked Questions the team tackles a few doozies. There’s a discussion about voice commands on a smartphone, durable headphones, and A.T. equipment for college. See the link below.

In episode 106 of Blind Bargains J.J. demonstrates a new product his company A.T. Guys is selling. It is a fully accessible voice recorder, with audio directions much like your NLS player. We often have students asking about a good voice recorder and I think this might be the one. So have a listen and hear the other Blindness related Tech News on this episode of Blind Bargains. See link below.

As stated earlier there’s a lot of convention related news. So here’s a quick list of several onsite interviews and other related news.

BBQ Episode: #ACB17 Audio: Be Seen And Be Heard With Elegant Insights Jewelry
BBQ Episode: What’s All The Buzz About With Triumph Technology?
BBQ Episode: Accessible Television Beams Down To DirecTV And U-Verse
BBQ Episode: Is Something Going On At Speed Dots

To see the rest of the Blind Bargains convention coverage from ACB see the link below.

Info Nugget

Several students have asked about podcasts as of late. “So what is a podcast?” you might ask. It is on-demand audio or radio content. If you’ve ever heard a program on NPR Radio that might be a easy way to help you wrap your brain around what we’re talking about. All those shows are pre-recorded and edited and then broadcast at affiliate stations whenever they want. But what if you want to listen to it when you want to listen to it. You can! Its call a podcast. There are huge databases at Apple, Google, and TuneIn that aggregate these lists of podcasts. As a result a Victor Reader, an iPod, an iPhone, an Amazon Echo, and any smartphone can download an play this content when you want to hear it. Typically, once you find a show you enjoy you’d subscribe to that podcast so your device automatically downloads the most current episode when it is made available. If you have more questions just swing by or call the Tech Center here at New Vision.

Echo Tip

Want to get side effect info about popular medications? What about signs of a heart attack or stroke? Check out the new Web M.D. skill on the Amazon Echo. To turn on the skill simply say, “Alexa, enable Web MD skill”. After that you can just open the skill by saying, “Alexa, open Web MD!” Enjoy!

iPhone & iPad Apps

Check out the AppleVis’ Unlimited Newsletter for June 2017. See the link below.

I also stumbled across this nugget. Microsoft just released a free App for the Blind called Seeing A.I. , A.I. as in Artificial Intelligence. It seems to be a meld of OCR and Object Recognition. Like a blend of KNFB Reader and TapTapSee. We haven’t tried it out in the Tech Center yet but if it is the same App they demonstrated about a year ago it looked pretty cool. And best of all it is free! See link below for a article about it or the following link to get it on your iOS device.
Verge Article
Get it on the App Store

Ways to Support New Vision

Kroger Community Rewards

Picture of Kroger Plus Logo

Your Kroger Plus Card can be a powerful tool for supporting local organizations in your community. New Vision recently registered to be a beneficiary of the Kroger Community Rewards Program. Kroger will in turn donate toward our mission everytime you, as a registered user, make purchases at their stores on hundreds of items.

If you’d like to see how to sign up, see the link below.

If you are a screen reader user then follow the link below for directions. These directions should apply whether you’re using NVDA or JAWS.

If you need additional help feel free to phone us here at the office.

Amazon Smile Program

Picture of Amazon Smile Logo

If you want Amazon to make a donation to New Vision every time you make a purchase you can use the link below to sign up for the Amazon Smile Program. Follow the step by step directions. Sorry, we haven’t had a chance to put together step-by-step directions for screen reader users yet. See link below.

Local News and Events

Reoccurring Events: Roanoke Alliance for the Visually Enabled (RAVE) meets the third Wednesday of each month. The next meeting of the Roanoke Alliance for the Visually Enabled (RAVE) will be on Wednesday the 18th of July at 7:00 PM. For more information contact Dianne Decker at rdeckerjr2@cox.net.

Your Thoughts

If you have any thoughts about what could be mentioned in an upcoming newsletter or comments on this newsletter feel free to reply or fill out the following form. See the following link.

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