Directions for Kroger Community Rewards for Screen Reader Users

Enrolling New Vision as a Beneficiary of Kroger’s Community Rewards Program

Screen Reader Directions

Note: Enrolling in the Community Rewards program will not affect your Kroger Fuel Points in any way. Screen Reader Note: These directions were tested using the FireFox Browser, NVDA 2016.4, and JAWS 18.

  1. Go to using your Web Broswer of choice. Typically Internet Explorer or FireFox are good choices.
  2. Press the TAB Key until you hear the Sign In link. The Kroger webpage contains active content so at periodic intervals you’ll hear “you’ve scrolled to the next promotion”. Simply Ignore these audible announcements. The Sign In link is located after the Search Button and before the Registration link. Should you need to register your Kroger card follow the directions below; under the heading Kroger Registration using a screen reader.
  3. On the Login page your cursor will automatically be placed in the email address field. There is no audible notification making this clear except perhaps a chirp from your screen reader telling you that you are in an edit field. Simply proceed by typing the email address that you registred with Kroger. Then Press the TAB Key to go to the password field. Type in your password and press enter. (Note: If you have mistyped either of these it will result in an error. And you will need to re-enter these credentials.)
  4. On the next page you’ll need to hit your TAB Key until you find a link with your First Name. This link should be located in the same place as the Sign In link was located. After the Search Button and before the Sign Out Button. Press Enter or the Space Bar once you’re on the link with your First Name.
  5. This brings up your personal settings page. Press the letter H Key to jump down the page by headings. You are looking for the heading entitled Community Rewards. 5.Once you’re on the Community Rewards Heading you’ll press the down arrow to get to the Enroll link. Alternatively, you could press the letter U (for JAWS) or the letter K (for NVDA) to get to the Enroll link. Once on the link press the Enter Key or the Space Bar. 6.On the following page you’ll need to enter the organzation name you wish to benefit from you entering the program. Press the letter E Key to jump to the edit field. This edit field will clearly state this is where you enter your organzations name or number. Press Enter to begin editing this field this may or may not be required depending on your screen reader.
  6. Type in the number 86856, which is our ID number for this program. Then press the Enter Key.
    • Note: If you in the Roanoke, Virginia area you can simply enter New Vision instead of the organization ID Number. Outside our area though, this will result in numerous results. Example: Churches with a similar name.
  7. There won’t be much telling you anything has changed but the organzation name has now appeared below.
  8. To select New Vision you can press the TAB Key until you hear Radio Button. Once on the Radio Button press the Enter Key or Space Bar.
  9. Once you’ve press Enter or Space Bar you should get feedback that you’ve selected Voice of the Blue Ridge Inc. DBA New Vision.
  10. Press the TAB Key once and this should place you on the Enroll Link or Button. Press Enter or Space Bar.
  11. Congradulations you’re done! Thank you for your support. If you want to make sure the final action is setup correctly you can press the letter H to jump down by headings again. Listen for the heading entitled Community Rewards. From this point you can arrow down through the organization you presently have set to be a beneficiary.

Kroger Registration using a Screen Reader

  1. Go to
  2. Use your TAB Key to get to the Registration Link. This is located right after the Sign In link.
  3. Use your TAB Key to get to the required fields that have to be filled out for your registration. Alternatively, you can press the letter E Key, in JAWS, to get to the edit fields quickly.
  4. You will need to fill in your email address, a password of your choice, and specify a local Kroger Store as your main store.
  5. At this point you can TAB down to the Create an Account button or link and press Enter or the Space Bar.
  6. On the following webpage you can enter your Plus Card Number or an Alternate ID. The Alternate ID or as its called Alt ID is a phone number that has already been registred with a Kroger Plus Card. It is recommended that you get sighted assistance and enter you Kroger Plus Card number.
  7. Press the letter E Key to jump to the first Edit Field. This is clearly labeled as the edit field for you Plus Card or Alt ID. If you are in JAWS you’ll have to press the Enter Key to begin editing the field. If using NVDA you likely won’t need to press the Enter Key.
  8. Enter you Plus Card Number . The Kroger Plus Card Number is located on the Kroger Card, both the wallet size one and the keyring version.
  9. Once done press the TAB key to go to the next edit field.
  10. This field wasn’t labeled in our orginal tests but it is simply a field where you enter you last name.
  11. After entering your last name press the TAB Key and you should land on the Save Button. Press the Enter Key once your on this button.
  12. At this point a confirmation email will be sent to your email account. No additional action on your part is required.
  13. You done! Thanks for your support.
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